Criticizing the mention of terrorist to America (USA) by Iran and vice versa
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 The Journey Times. Who does not know the American superpower with all its policies or actions, and the greatness of its military power that makes other countries feel scared, proud and astonished. Who also still does not know about the State of Iran with its Islamic revolution and its various accusations, punishment or world sanctions.

For some people who already know, whether a little or a lot about the two countries will surely know the relationship that exists between the two countries has never been well established, and at any time the relationship between the two often heats up. Since the fall of the Shah Reza Pahlavi regime in Iran by the Revolution carried out by Imam Khomeini with his Islamic Revolution, relations between America and Iran have never improved. Even though various policies have been made and various ways have been taken, it seems that it cannot make the relationship between the two improve and reach a solution.

Behind the relationship that never improved, the American State is the party that always benefits and on the other hand, the State of Iran becomes the party that loses by making various policies that regulate how the US can impose sanctions, or at least impose limits on the State of Iran. Every time there is an upheaval between the two countries, we can be sure that the country that gets the sanction is Iran. So from this we see clearly, Iran is trying to be castrated, ostracized from the world association by the American State and its allies.

The fall of the Shah's regime which was supported by the Americans on January 16, 1979 through a revolution carried out by Imam Khomeini made the political conditions in Iran change 180 degrees. Cleric or people who are considered to understand the problems of religion take over the highest position of the government system. While the position of the president moved one level down, which is under the position of the cleric or commonly called the supreme leader (Ayatulloh). Of course, America was furious and angry at Shah Reza being ousted from power. Since then, there began an era or a time when a good relationship between Iran and America was only a dream.

America calls Iran a terrorist if we look closely at what is actually baseless or unreasonable. The term was seen as a forced charge as an attempt to suppress Iran and make it a guilty and responsible party for terror that occurred throughout the country. So that America hopes Iran can submit and surrender which can then be embraced to be invited to work together. But it is not Iran's name if it does not defy America and its allies, especially Israel. Iran is always blaspheming America and Israel loudly and openly as the burning of American and Israeli flags is rife in public spaces which can be seen by everyone and clearly covered by the media.

Various issues and propaganda have been made by America to make the world believe that Iran is a terrorist and Iran is also financing terrorist organizations throughout the country. The spread of Propaganda through the media in the form of Sunni-Shi'a issues became America's main target in making Iran's narrative a terrorist. The Sunni-Shi'a issue is America's easiest and most rational place to spread propaganda, and divide Sunni and Shia followers.

Please note, before the Islamic Revolution by Imam Khomeini or before the Fall of the Shah Reza Regime, the Sunni-Shi'a Issue was not a problem that was considered very important in the order of the Muslim community in the world. Only after the Shah's regime was successfully overthrown from the seat of power, the Sunni-Shiite Issue began to spread throughout the world, especially the Islamic world gradually.

The spread of Iranian propaganda is that terrorism by America is also inseparable from America's desire to control natural resources in the form of abundant oil. America's inability to control natural resources is one of the reasons why America has begun to spread issues or propaganda. There is already plenty of evidence that America is present in the Middle East and intervenes in government is none other than one of its aims is to control natural resources in the form of oil for example. So, it is quite clear up to here, the allegation that Iran is a terrorist and also Iran who provides support to the terrorists is not proven at all.

The death or martyrdom of Iran's Senior General, Qassem Soleimani on January 3, 2020 by the American Drone actually proves that Iran is not a terrorist and Iran also does not support all kinds of acts of terror that occur in any region. General Qassem Soleimani is known as someone who contributed to the eradication of terrorists in the Middle East such as ISIS, supported the Palestinian resistance against Israel through Hamas, and supported the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon. So, it is very contradictory, if the US or other parties say that Iran is a terrorist.

On the other hand, Iran says that America is the real terrorist. America is providing aid supplies in the form of money and weapons into the hands of terrorists to be used to kill innocent people. Various types of terrorist groups that are scattered in this world mastermind is America. However, despite that the world is very difficult to want to hear and acknowledge the words of this Iran. It is as if Iran is defending itself. People actually believe more in statements made by America than in statements made by Iran. Do not know why, although it is very clear that America is very responsible for the unrest in the Middle East, but the world community has more confidence in the Americans. Although it is very clear that America has always interfered in the governance of a country, the defense of America is still very high.

Others argue that America and Iran are actually acting. America and Iran are both terrorists. Iran is a close ally or friend of America, and they are pretending to be hostile to one another. According to them the murder scenario for General Qassem Soleimani was a plan from America and Iran itself. This is a nonsense opinion and is not very true, has no source and basis. How is it possible that Iran and America are close allies if in Iran itself does not have the US Embassy and Military Base, while its neighbors such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates have American embassies and military bases. How is it possible that Iran and America are close allies if America and its allies give all kinds of sanctions, such as economic sanctions in the form of an embargo and nuclear sanctions on Iran. How is it that Iran and America are close allies? If Iran experiences a continuous economic downturn while the Americans just leave it alone.

In the end, the term terrorist can be leveled by anyone to any party that feels is his enemy. There are no specific criteria that can be used as a reference or benchmark that a group is included or not in a terrorist group. No one has the right to stop and prevent one group from saying another group is a terrorist. From this, human reason is tested to try to reflect on and understand who is actually the guilty party and who is right, who is accused of being a terrorist, and who is actually who is a terrorist.

In closing, there are pearls of wisdom spoken by Ali Bin Abi Talib:
"Whoever lights the fire of libel, he himself will be the fuel."
That's the article about "Criticizing the mention of terrorist to America (USA) by Iran and vice versa" hopefully this article can add insight to all of us.